A Big THANKS and Congratulations to All the Revolution XXVII Competitors

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Thanks to all the competitors, coaches, families, friends and affiliates who supported and represented Quincy BJJ at Pacific Lutheran University on Saturday for the 27th Revolution Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament!  Here’s the results of Quincy BJJ’s Cometitors:


  • Boden
  • Brooke
  • Dante – 3rd in Gi
  • Mykenzi – 1st in Gi / 3rd in No Gi
  • Ethan H. – 2nd in Gi
  • Alondra – 3rd in No Gi
  • Jaselyn – 1st in Gi / 2nd in No Gi
  • Trytan – 3rd in Gi / 2nd in No Gi


  • Edson – 1st in Gi
  • Casey
  • Toni – 3rd in No Gi
  • Antonio

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