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3/17 Revolution Results

Congratulations to Andrea Aldous, placing 2nd at the Revolution on 3.17!!!

03-12-2012 Revolution - Andrea Aldous, 2nd Place

I was proud of everyone who competed as no one made any mistakes.  We have four months of preparation leading up to the July Revolution, so lets all get dialed in (your’s truly including himself) and bring it in July!

Also special thanks for Jesse McLaughlin and Jimmy Thompson for supporting my team from about every aspect that could be given!

Guest Instructor for Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Scheduled on Sunday, 04/15/2012

T-Town MMA’s Jesse McLaughlin will back in town to instruct Quincy BJJ’s Adult class from 2:30 – 4:00.

03/04/2012 Special Guest Adult Class

Sunday, 03/04/2012, Class Schedule

Sunday’s Youth BJJ class is cancelled to maximize time for the Adult BJJ students who are training for the upcoming 3.17 Revolution Tournament.  We also want to give more time to our guest instructor and participants for a 1:30-3:30 class.  Get ready for some fun and intense rolling this Sunday!