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T-Town MMA/Quincy BJJ Places 3rd in Youth/Junior Team No-Gi for The Revolution XXIII

The T-Town MMA/Quincy BJJ Youth Team placed 3rd in the November Revolution, nipping at the heels of 2nd placed, Elite BJJ:

Gracie Barra NW
with 55 points
2nd Place Elite BJJ
with 31 points
3rd Place T-Town MMA
with 29 points

Click here to see the points breakdown

Congratulations to Briana & Trytan on earning their stripes!

Congratulations to Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's Briana & Trytan on earning their stripes!

Congratulations to Brooke, Brandon, Naomi & Jaselyn on earning their stripes!

Congratulations to Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's Brooke, Brandon, Briana, Naomi & Jaselyn on earning their stripes!

Revolution XXIII Results

Congratulations to the competitors who placed at the Revolution XXIII on Sunday, 11/10/2013:

  • Sebastian Ortiz – 2nd in Gi
  • Trytan Ortiz – 3rd in Gi
  • Naomi James – 3rd in No Gi
  • Brandon Melburn – 2nd in Gi
  • Briana Melburn – 2nd in Gi
  • Coach Pipes – 3rd in Gi and No Gi

Here is the schedule for The Revolution XXIII Nov 9th & 10th 2013

We are looking forward to ending our 2013 Season with another Awesome Event….

Please note a “call time” is the earliest we will be calling your bracket.

It is NOT what time ‘Your’ bracket will necessarily start but you should

be in the building, dressed to compete for that time.


** ADULTS OFFICIAL SCHEDULE** Saturday, Nov 9th 2013

GI Doors Open 8:30am

9:30am Adult Gi Black, Brown & Purple will start to be called beginning

with Black belts

10:15am Blue Belt call time

12:30pm Adult White Belts call time



 3pm Adult No Gi Advanced & Intermediate call time

3:30pm Adult Beginner call time



**Youth & Juniors** Sunday, Nov 10th  2013

Doors Open 8am

Youth & Juniors 8:45 Rules


Youth Gi

matches will begin directly after rules meeting

Youth No-Gi

will begin once all Gi Brackets have been called.

An announcement will be made prior to the start to allow youth beginners to

change & warm up.


The format for the youth and juniors is:

we will start with the youngest,

lowest rank/skill level (white belt or beginner if no gi) brackets and

then move up to the next rank/skill level starting with the youngest

competitors of that group.


*****Please Note:

There is a very large parking lot BEHIND the gym. Please

be sure to park in a parking stall. Cars parked in ‘driveways’ are subject

to towing.*****