Revolution XXV Results

Coaches were very pleased at how Quincy BJJ performed at the revolution!  Jaselyn placed 2nd in Gi, Isaac placed 1st in Gi and 2nd in No Gi, Ethan placed 3rd in Gi, Christan placed 2nd in Gi and Edson placed 1st in his first No Gi tournament.  Way to go team!

Coach Pipes didn’t make weight, BUT did still choose to compete for exhibition and experience.  He lost his match in Gi by 1 advantage point.  In No Gi, he won his first match by Japanese armbar in 50 seconds, which put him on the board for vicious submission, later to be bested by Chris Stone of Gig Harbor Kickboxing and then Rebecca from T-Town MMA.  His 2nd match in No Gi was won by a Kimura.  What he learned was, “my rolling was the best that it’s ever been, because I no longer had a care about placing, but just went out to have fun.”  It sure paid off and is a lesson for all of us to learn to put your emphasis in the right place, having fun!

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