Response to Caio Terra’s BJJ Journey Video

I can’t help but get choked up a bit by that video. The message is pretty solid and can’t agree more with what Caio said.

Humility is something we ALL can take away from BJJ. While a belt, medals, etc., are all nice rewards for dedication, passion and hard work in the sport, an important aspect is what kind of person are you at the end of the day. Are you a Purple-belt kind of person? Do you have first-place character? When we shine the light of relativity and comparison on other areas of our lives, do we then realize that while we are strong in certain areas, we may be lacking in others.

I can’t help but tie this back into my faith. I have made it a habit not to judge others on the right or wrong-doings of their lives, because we all suck pretty bad in comparison to Jesus. Furthermore, I don’t have time or energy to worry about how anyone else lives their life, because I have too many things I’m trying to correct with my own life. Like BJJ, If someone needs guidance, then I give it to them, but always with the humility that I’m no where I need or want to be. I’ve never heard someone in BJJ say, “I did it, I’m finally where I’ve always wanted to be, I’m done.” Yet, there are Christians who feel this way, and my thinking is that they need something better to relate to than their neighbor; they need BJJ! 😉

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