Medal Ceremony & Big Promotions Following the March Revolution

A portion of Monday’s BJJ classes were dedicated to the Medal Presentation Ceremony, hanging our latest “hardware” from the March Revolution on the Wall of Champions in the Quincy High School Wrestling Room:

  • Cynthia Ramirez – 1st Place
  • Naomi James – 3rd Place
  • Julian Trejo – 2nd Place
  • Yordi Trejo – 3rd Place
  • Mike Wallace – 1st Place
  • Greg Martinez – 1st Place

Congratulations were also in order for Naomi James, Jace Arnall, Julian Trejo, Yordi Trejo and Mike Wallace for acquiring another stripe for their belts.  By authority and direct order of my coach, Jimmy Thompson, I was able to promote Greg Martinez to blue-belt, passing on the blue-belt given to me!  Lastly, we made sure to leave just enough time for Greg to “run the gauntlet”!

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