Info for The Revolution XXIII Nov 9& 10th 2013

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Location: Bonney Lake High School 10920 199th Avenue Ct E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391

In 2013 we are using IBJJF Scoring for both Gi and No Gi. This includes advantages and referee decisions.

We will only be allowing coaches matside for the Youth & Juniors. For adults, coaches will be able to coach their athletes from outside the barrier.

Coaches will need to register at in order to receive free entry. The same ratio of 1-3 athletes =1 coach, 4-8 athletes =2 coaches, 9-12 athletes = 3 coaches, 13 to 19= 4 coaches, and 20 & more athletes = 5 coaches are used.

Format: Saturday Adult Gi and Adult No Gi.

GI: We will be starting the day off with color belts. We will have the black and brown belts start the day and move in descending order towards the white belts.

NO GI: We will be starting with the Advanced and Intermediate competitors and will move to the Beginners.

**Estimated** Adult schedule:

8:30 Doors Open

9:30am Adult Gi Black, Brown & Purple will start to be called beginning with Black belts

10:30am Blue Belts

12:30pm Adult White Belts

3pm Adult No Gi Advanced & Intermediate

4pm Adult Beginner

Format: Sunday Youth and Junior Gi and Youth and Junior No Gi.

We will be starting with the youngest white belts & then making our way up in age & then starting with the youngest grey belts, etc. When gi brackets are completed we will start no gi the same way, with youngest beginners. Then progressing through the beginners and then starting youngest intermediates, etc.

The Sunday schedule is as follows:

8am Doors Open

8:45 Youth Rules Meeting

9am Youth Gi Matches Begin (directly after Rules Meeting)

Youth No-Gi will begin once all Gi Brackets have been called. An announcement will be made prior to the start to allow youth beginners to change & warm up.

Registration: online at

Oct 14th – Opens

Oct 21st – Free T-Shirt Cut Off Ends at Midnight

Oct 28th – Pre-Registration Pricing Ends at Midnight

Nov 4thREGISTRATION ENDS at MIDNIGHT (This is a MONDAY. Please note NO Registrations will be accepted after Midnight. No Exceptions will be made)



 Adult Men, Women & Masters:

IBJJF Weight Classes for Adult Gi & No Gi. Competitors will weigh dressed to compete.

· Adult Gi Competitors wearing Gi & Belt

· Adult No Gi Dressed to Compete (not only in underwear)

· Competitors competing in BOTH Gi & No Gi WILL WEIGH IN TWICE.

Competitors weighing above their registered weight are subject to disqualification and NO REFUND.

Youth Competitors:

 Please register your Youth & Junior Competitor at their competition weight. Please be accurate.

· Gi Competitors can weigh in WITHOUT Gi top

· No Gi Competitors weigh in dressed to compete

· Competitors competing in BOTH Gi & No Gi WILL WEIGH IN TWICE.

Competitors weighing above their registered weight are subject to disqualification and NO REFUND.

The Youth & Junior brackets will be made based on the submitted weights of registered competitors. Our general rule of thumb is within10lbs & 2 years. We have found being able to tailor make the brackets allows for better competition/experience for all competitors. Please never have a youth competitor cut weight! If your child is in a bracket that doesn’t fall within our usual standard, you will receive a call and we will work out something that is best for everyone. Sometimes the best thing is a refund.


THE CLOSE OF REGISTRATION. Once Registration is closed NO changes are accepted, no exceptions.

Consolation Match: This tournament is Single Elimination with a consolation match. Competitors who lose their first match will have a consolation match. Each competitor is given the opportunity to compete twice, or more depending on the size of the bracket.

Spectators: Adults 16 & up $5 Children 15 & under FREE

Free onsite parking.  Concessions on site offering snacks, beverages & pizza for lunch.

If you need more information please visit us at or call Jeff 206.947.6996.

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