Getting Pumped for the First Official Quincy BJJ Class!

I’ve been so excited to kick things off with Quincy BJJ over the last month that this week has been similar to the days leading up to a vacation or Christmas morning when I was a kid.  I’ve been picking up equipment, designing a flyer, setting up this web site and even downloading songs/apps on iTunes to ensure for a fun, informative, safe and effective training environment in an already ideal facility.

Parents, please make sure you at least have a mouthguard for youth students.  Otherwise, they will owe Coach Pipes 3 minutes of wall-sits or 30 burpees for one of his that he will have on-hand.

If you don’t have a Gi for Sunday’s class, please wear board-shorts or yoga pants and a rashguard if you have one (otherwise, a T-shirt will suffice).  If you have any joint-problems and wear braces for physical activity, I encourage you to wear them until you know what to expect from the class.

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