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Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Raises Enough Money for Mats!

Jeremy Seda receiving a check from Russ Harrington to finalize the fund-raising for Quincy BJJ's mat purchase.

Jeremy Seda receiving a check from Russ Harrington to finalize the fund-raising for Quincy BJJ’s mat purchase.

With the help of the City of Quincy/Quincy Rec. Dept. matching our raised funds, Quincy BJJ finally has raised enough money to pay for a new set of Dollamur mats.  Once the mats are delivered, the Quincy BJJ program will be conducting classes at the Q-town Rec. Center at 105 2nd Ave. SE.

While there’s a big part of us that is excited for this evolution of the program, we will miss the Quincy High School Wrestling Room, the place we had been blessed to “call home” since January of 2012. Quincy BJJ founder, Jeremy Seda said, “when I first moved to Quincy, I remember what my coach, Jimmy Thompson, said to me, ‘if you can’t find a school to train at, then you start your own.’ I would pray all the time for a way to continue my training in BJJ and possibly start my own school.  God then led me to Russ Harrington who thought of contacting Quincy HS Wrestling Coach, Greg Martinez.

Greg Martinez getting his blue belt on 3/12/13.

Greg Martinez getting his blue belt on 3/12/13.

Without ever meeting Greg before, it took 5 minutes for us to hit it off and the rest [they say] is history.  I’m still amazed to this day that Greg opened the mats up to our program, but not the least bit surprised, as he’s not just passionate for wrestling, he’s passionate for the grappling arts.”

Since the early days of Quincy BJJ, when Jeremy was a blue-belt and often held classes with 1-2 students, the program has grown and expanded to a great number of youth and adult students with different backgrounds in grappling.
Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Raises Enough Money for Mats
“We have students that drive hours to make our classes. It’s a huge compliment, but a huge responsibility to continually innovate and see the program evolve. To say this whole journey has been a dream would be an understatement, it’s been a surreal blessing from the Almightly. Ever since my first meeting with Russ, he’d talk about the dream of a ‘Rec. Center’.  It’s been nice to know that Quincy BJJ has been a part of his dream.  We’ve always had the support of the City through Russ, but when he secured the additional funding needed to make the mat purchase, it was a huge feeling of relief,” said Jeremy.

We’d like to give special recognition to Christan Seda for being the one who spearheaded the

Congratulations to Alexis on her first stripe

Christan Seda, Alexis and Jeremy Seda

fundraising and organized the mat purchase.  Through her efforts, Quincy BJJ was able to get several large donations from Connect Telecom (via Shawn and Chesiree Highfill), Flame Productions (via Lalo Ortiz) and Itanji, L.L.C.  We had a very generous donation and support from Jeremy’s home school, T-Town MMA.  And we’ve been very blessed to have the talent of Jeff Bourgeois and Oscar Garnica to help us with fund-raising seminars.  Last, but not least, we appreciate all the time, money and support of our family and friends. And we thank our students for the same reasons, but also for making our school what it is; we could not have a school without you.