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Big Day of Promotions for the Quincy BJJ Youth

Monday was  a very proud day when nine of the Youth BJJ students were promoted.

Professor Jeremy “Pipes” Seda started it all off by talking about the importance of writing down your goals. He started with, “Guys you need to have goals in life. Once you have them, you need to write them down…why is that Mai?” Calling on Jaselyn (Mai) to finish, she said, “you’re 30% more likely to achieve them if you write them down, and 50% more likely to achieve them if put those goals someplace you’ll see them every day.” Jeremy asked, “so what’s one of your BJJ goals?”  Jaselyn hesitated for a moment and then said, “to be the first green belt at Quincy BJJ.” Jeremy looked next to him at Coach Christan, who pulled out the first green belt given to anyone at Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  A very surprised Jaselyn began to cry, and was pulled to her feed by Jeremy so that she could have her mother (Christan) tie her new belt on her. Jaselyn spoke to Jeremy after class, “I understand the way you felt when you got your blackbelt and felt you couldn’t look down at it.  I felt that too when I finally got my green belt. It’s something I’ve wanted for four years.  Now, I can’t stop looking at it.”

Congratulations to Trytan, Tejah, Ethan, Alexis, Mykenzi, Alyssa, Junior, Seth and Jaselyn on their promotions from Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Left-to-right, Coach Lalo, Trytan, Tejah, Ethan, Alexis, Mykenzi, Alyssa, Junior, Seth, Jaselyn, Coach Christan & Professor “Pipes”

Also promoted were Ethan, who is the first Youth to graduate to Blue belt. Seth and Alexis, promoted to Grey belt.  Those who earned stripes included Trytan, Tejah, Mykenzi, Alyssa and Junior